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Deanna Daughtry is currently married to Chris Daughtry.She has been in two celebrity relationships averaging approximately 10.5 years each. After Riker was assigned to the USS Potemkin, the two planned to spend their holidays together on Risa in 2361.However, Will had to cancel their plans after he was quickly promoted to lieutenant commander – deciding to make his career his top priority, Will stopped pursuing Deanna, and the couple eventually lost contact with each other.De Anna Pappas is currently married to Stephen Stagliano.She has been in four celebrity relationships averaging approximately 2.4 years each.

After his death, Deanna kept wanting to talk about her father but the Betazoids kept pulling her thoughts out of her head before she could say the words. Deanna began studying psychology at the University of Betazed sometime in the 2350s.By rescuing the creature and reuniting it with its mate, Troi and her shipmates managed to pass a test of Humanity's intentions imposed on them by Q.( In a scene from the final draft script of "Encounter at Farpoint", Troi was frozen by Q after shouting at him and accusing him of being a barbarian for causing Lieutenant Natasha Yar to similarly freeze.(") As a child living on Betazed, Deanna learned aspects of Human culture from her Human father, Ian.One such aspect was a fondness for stories set during Earth's Ancient West, which he often read to her.

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