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Everyone had a great answer for “So, what do you do? I ticked yes to my first two dates, and quickly became a bit self conscious that I was ‘too easy to please’.There is a bit of a break when you get to meet your ‘partner’ and most likely take stock of the dates you’ve had so far.The timestamp is only as accurate as the clock in the camera, and it may be completely wrong.I’ve always been enchanted by the idea of speed dating and I blame Will Smith’s romantic comedy, Hitch.The event was set to start at 6pm and being the Kenyan that I am, I strolled in at about 6.30pm.The instructions were that all daters were to come with a partner of the opposite sex to even out the numbers, so it is predominantly heterosexually oriented.I had been invited by my childhood fun buddy so while I was slightly nervous about it, I knew we’d have a laugh about it at the end of the day.

The first time, as you walk into a room and give them that head nod in greeting and the second time 10 minutes later with a firm handshake and a proper introduction.

All in all a bit over an hour to meet 10 people is quite exhilarating.

At the end most people lingered at their last date with a couple of others reconnecting with their partners.

When the chance to try this out in real life came up, how could I say no?

That’s how I ended up at the Spicy Speed Dating event run by the dating website Date Me

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