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The RTCData Channel interface represents a bi-directional data channel between two peers of a connection.

Objects of this type can be created using In this section we'll learn how to build a basic Audio/Video-Chat Web-Application.

In practice such application does not make much of a sense because it can be used only on a single page, thus it shares data amoung the same peer.For example, Google STUN servers are used to obtain ICE candidates, which are then forwarded to the other peer(s): var peer Conn Cfg = , peer Conn= new RTCPeer Connection(peer Conn Cfg), signaling Channel = new Web Socket('ws://my-websocket-server:port/'); peer Conn.onicecandidate = function (evt) ; signaling Channel.onmessage = function (evt) ; method takes three parameters: a session description, a success callback method and an error callback method.This method changes the remote description associated with a connection.A description defines the properties of the connection like for example the codec.In a real application, Web RTC needs servers (in general simple) for the following purposes: to cope with NAT traversal and other network specific details.

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In this process, STUN servers have a single task: to enable a peer behind a NAT to find out its public address and port.

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