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Maybe more people will discuss it now.”Indeed, they are.

As WIRED prepared these emails for publication, men in the office expressed shock at how many women experienced repeated incidents of harassment, and how many of those incidents started when the women were teen-agers—victimized by middle-aged aggressors.

One young woman was surprised by the number of stories written by men who'd been harassed by men or women.

And one young writer was dismayed by the pervasiveness of it all.

When I moved in with my girlfriend, the stories she’d tell me were hard to take.

Two weeks ago, WIRED asked readers to share their stories of workplace harassment. We read them all, and found them thoughtful, detailed, and heartbreaking.The king of all texting fouls, “crack texting” —as Masters defines it—means sending multiple messages without any or equal response.Frequency is the most powerful component in her view of you."Honestly, I think we've all talked about these things in private," she says."Trump just took the conversation to a place where everyone heard it and could discuss on Twitter.

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I won't ask them to stop being guys."These things happened to lawyers and construction workers, waitresses and doctors, people in tech and people in HR.

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