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OLOIZIA: That must be one of the most amazing things about having some success is getting to a place, especially as a musician and a songwriter, where you can sort of rub your hands together and realize that you have access to all these amazing musicians. It’s a classic thing of the, you know, the fisherman who catches the magic fish, and the magic fish says to him, “Let me go and I’ll grant you whatever wish you want.” And the fisherman says, “Well, I’d like you to fix the hole in my hut so the rain doesn’t get on me, and I’d like my soup bowl to be filled.” And the magic fish, of course, honors him the gift, and the fisherman goes home and his roof is fixed and his bowl is filled with the most fantastic soup, and then of course he goes off and he gets greedy and he decides he wants to have a fleet of boats and he wants to live in a proper house, and before you know it he wants to marry the king’s daughter.And suddenly, the magic fish gets pissed off at him when he decides he wants to be king and sends him back to his hut with a hole in the roof and an empty bowl. I guess what I’m trying to say is, you can give that perfect situation to a younger guy or girl songwriter, but they might miss the point.I remember hearing that when they first announced that they wanted to do the show that you were really hesitant about it. HANSARD: What made me come around was when I heard Enda Walsh had gotten involved. He took this on board, and then I heard John Tiffany was on board, and I remember thinking, “Shit, then I want to meet these people, ’cause this sounds kind of crazy.It sounds like the wrong people, and yet, it could be perfect.” And so I met with them, and I remember to saying to Enda, “Man, honestly, I don’t know what the fuck you’re gonna do with this.All you’ve gotta do is get right with your own path.OLOIZIA: Well, I think this is a good place to talk about the Broadway show () and the Tonys.

All the people who are best at what they do gravitate towards the big city, and so you find yourself in a room full of people who are really great, and it just ups your game.There’s no one that I prefer to sing with in the world than Markéta; she just gets it.And The Frames are just—you know, I’m in a rock band, and I fuckin’ love playing with them. I guess in a way I just feel blessed to be able to make music.So when success came to us when we won the Oscar, I was 37, and man, was I ready it for it.[]OLOIZIA: I take it you’re someone who probably doesn’t resent people who have quick success as much as you’re just appreciative of the way it happened for you. I try to believe—maybe naively, maybe not, but I sort of believe it’s there for us all.

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These are guys who are way beyond my capacity—not necessarily as a songwriter or a singer, but purely as a musician.

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