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Have a bad reputation, and you'll struggle to hit those inboxes.

Poor email deliverability will not only hamper your ability to communicate with your customers, but could land you in hot water with regulators as well, threating your ability to continue leveraging the email channel and damaging your bottom line.

They base their decisions on your sender reputation.

Have a good reputation and more of your emails will get through, which is great news for your customers and prospects.

By validating email addresses, you can reduce bounce rates, protect your sender reputation, and improve the ROI of your email campaigns.

We reached ROI on the project in far less than two weeks.

Hello Erica, Shopify validates emails in two ways, first with valid form, so an @ symbol and a domain at the end basically.

Next we validate that the domain has a valid MX record.

Contact our team today.", "upload Date" : "2016-12-14TZ" } Are you struggling with email deliverability?For example, it accepts [email protected], but shopify does not.I'd like to know specifically what Shopify accepts so that I can tailor my validation code to match the shopify validation.It even works with business and consumer email domains, such as Yahoo! Verify email addresses on the fly with our real-time API.Our solution improves the quality of your email data by identifying mistyped email addresses as they happen and prompting customers to make the necessary corrections.

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We do the only validation we are in a position to know about.

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