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The opposite pros and cons that applied to processing data validation on the user's computer apply to processing data validation on the Web server.

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“When Bill Clinton shows up and DJs here with 12 cars outside, it’s good but it’s terrible.” Yes, that’s right. “He would pull out album covers and say, ‘Oh, this is the French version of that Tina Turner song, because on the American version, they censored the graphics. They left Sweden for Cambridge, Massachusetts, where Balazs was born.

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If you’ve ever experienced an I-9 forms audit, you know first-hand just how incredibly high those...

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Hopefully class members will actively participate as judge, jury, and opposing council in discussion of each case. The class format will be discussion-based enhanced by Power Point presentations and relevant media. Assigned readings should be broad enough for the class members to form an informed opinion on the result of each trial. Text: The course will not require purchase of a text.

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Going to God in prayer as a couple benefits your marriage in several ways: On the day you and your spouse were married, you became one in the eyes of God.

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He continued his education at Orange Coast College, where he played and lettered in soccer, and scored four goals as a midfielder and forward.