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5735 THE INVENTOR CLAIMS: human eye it| F An accommodating intraocular lens to be implanted in a a natural capsular bag in the eye attached about perimete X to the ciliary muscle of the eye and having a certain inner daameter when the ciliary muscle is in its relaxed state, the bag iri^luding an elastic posterior capsule which is urged anteriorly b Xvitreous pressure in the eye and an anterior capsule opening bounded by an anterior capsular remnant that fuses to the posterior ca^^psu^ by fibrosis during a postoperative fibrosis period irl which'^^id bag and remnant T" shrink, and said remnant being taut\y stret Cy^^ by relaxation of the ciliary muscle and relaxed by cont Aaction o\ t\e ciliary muscle after fibrosis is complete, said intrao Wlar len^ c'l^prising : a lens body having normally anter Mjr ^d posterior sides and including an optic and haptls^ hayi Vg irmer ends joined to diametrically opposite sides of said Vpti^ and opposite outer ends, and said haptics being movable a\ter Vorly and posteriorly relative to said optic and through a cer Stain position wherein said lens has a length approximating said innett diameter of said capsular bag, and wherein said lens is adapted to be implanted in said ^ag while said ciliary muscle is in its relaxed state and in ^ implanted position wherein (a) said haptics are in said ce Vtain position relative to said optic and situated between said Vemnant and said posterior capsule, whereby fibrosis will occur abofiit the haptics, 92 26 28 5735 (b) s^^d optic is aligned with said anterior capsule opening, and (c) shr\iking of said bag and remnant during fibrosis will exert endwise c Ampression and posterior forces on the lens and haptics, respectively, and 30 32 i'U i.

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Thank you :) I too have been in a strange relationship with a scorpio man for a year. Til he asked me to be his Girlfriend after dumping the other girlfriend . FOR SEVERAL MONTHS HE PURSUED ME AND TRIED TO WIN MY AFFECTION. When we're together, he sings to me and plays the guitar SO WELL. Hes always jealous of my guy classmates (im quite popular in our campus). I FELT BETRAYED by him, and my CLOSE FRIENDS/ BEST FRIENDS. Maybe if they still kept quiet, i could have been making myself such a FOOL.

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She did college for a while, but it got in the way of something she loved even more: wrestling. And in a sport with good guys and bad guys, she was a bad guy -- wrestling for about a decade with Impact Wrestling, formerly known as TNA.